All who are not lunatics...

"All who are not lunatics are agreed about certain things. That it is better to be alive than dead, better to be adequately fed than starved, better to be free than a slave. Many people desire those things only for themselves and their friends; they are quite content that their enemies should suffer. These people can be refuted by science: Humankind has become so much one family that we cannot insure our own prosperity except by insuring that of everyone else. If you wish to be happy yourself, you must resign yourself to seeing others also happy."

-- Bertrand Russell

Fighting for peace...

"Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity."

-- Richard Nixon

The real meaning of Peace...

"You know the real meaning of PEACE only if you have been through the war."

-- Kosovar

"Humanity First"

"All advanced thinkers, all men who realize the divine plan, desire and intend the solidarity of humanity; and the patriot in the narrow and infuriated sense of that word is a traitor to the true interest of man. It may be necessary, now and then, to defend one's own section of mankind from aggression; but even this should always be done with the mental reservation: "May this war be the nurse of a more solid peace; may this argument lead to a better understanding; may this division lead to a higher union."... The deliberate antagonizing of nations is the foulest of crimes. It is the Press of the warring nations that, by inflaming the passions of the ignorant, has set Europe by the ears. Had all men been educated and traveled, they would not have listened to those harpy-shrieks. Now the mischief is done, and it is for us to repair it as best we may. This must be our motto: "Humanity First."

-- Aleister Crowley, The Revival Of Magick - Preface "Humanity First"

The only way to abolish war...

The only way to abolish war is to make peace heroic.

-- John Dewey, American philosopher and educator, 1859-1952
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