CIA and the Wire Services

"PAO now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped turn some "intelligence failure" stories into "intelligence success" stories ... In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories"

-- From a 1991 document obtained by Ralph McGehee through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the operations of the CIA's Public Affairs Office (PAO)

All warfare is based on deception.

"All warfare is based on deception."

-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, 4th cent. B.C.

We live in a dirty and dangerous world.

"We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows."

-- Katharine Graham, in a speech to CIA recruits in 1988
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